Hair loss, eyebrow and moustaches

Case of hair loss over eyebrows and moustaches Hair Loss, Eyebrow and Moustaches

Mr I visited the clinic with the chief complaint of loss of hair from eye-brows left side and from mustache since 5-6 years. Hair loss from beards. The part itch before the hair fall starts. Has taken Thuja M.T., Sepia 30, Kali Sulph in the past for the complaints

General: Thin built of the patient. Appetite: Good with desires for sweet and fruits. Mouth feels dry and always likes to drink water. Perspiration profuse all over body.

Reserve and introvert by nature. Keeps the things to himself. Prefers to be alone. Parents are living alone in Guina. Thinks a lot about them but can’t help it. Impatient, hurried and impulsive by nature. Not much social or outgoing kind of person. Have no real friend. Marriage is not my choice. He married his wife as wanted to come to Canada. Not very much involved with his wife with heart. Anticipatory anxiety. Feels homesick. Timid by nature and cannot take his own decisions. Cannot spend money easily and is careful in his work. Dreams of talking and chating with his father.

Homeopathic medicines were administer and the patient reported complete regrowth of eyebrow and mustache hairs and no further hair loss.

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