Case of Lichen Planus in Buccal Cavity

Mr. K. was seen in the clinic with the chief complaint of white vesicular eruptions in buccal cavity and bluish and white discoloration on tongue. Bluish discoloration of buccal mucosa since a year. Dryness of mouth with stitching pain and burning in buccal cavity, spicy food, sweets, chocolates. Pain touch, night. Pain in throat on swallowing

K/C/O Hypothyroid. Taking medicine and Applying Lyderm-Topical Corticosteroid over the buccal cavity and tongue.

General: Appetite: Good, Desires: Spicy, Sour, Aversion: Sweets. Thirst: 6-8 glass of water. Thirsty large quantity at long interval. Reucrrent Apthous

Mentals: Highly irritable and dominating by nature. Gets angry even on small matters and speaks on face. Wants everything to be done according to his wish. Quarrelsome by nature but coold down soon. If in controversy with someone will never see the face of the person again. Even with the boss will speak on face or fight. Cannot tolerate injustice. Will revolt. Likes listening music, reading. Impulsive. Always in a hurry. Abusive by nature.Takes time to mix with people. Fear of height. Anticipatory anxiety and anxiety about health.

Homeopathic medicines were administered reporting burning on tongue and buccal cavity better by 70% eventually and lyderm been completely stopped in tapering dose . Patient continuously reported to do well with remarkable improvement in his complaints and was able to eat somewhat all kind of spicy stuff.

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